The EURAPAG Academy endorses this textbook. Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology (PAG) is a “border territory” because it lies at the intersection of several specialties. The care of gynaecological health from birth to adolescence involves medical and surgical conditions as well as psycho-sexual development, education, and fertility prevention. A multidisciplinary approach is often the gold standard. 

Drawing from our clinical experience, we propose this book as a comprehensive resource for trainees approaching PAG, but also as an update for clinicians working in this field.  Step by step, we have presented the history, techniques for physical examination, diagnostic tools, and treatment plans for every topic. Supplementary worksheets for an in-depth understanding of specific physiological mechanisms or pathogenesis are included. 

We hope our effort will be useful in developing interest in PAG and promoting more extensive care of girls that are growing now.

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