Trainees and Young Practitioners

Trainee Representative 2021 – 2024

In order to strengthen the representation of paediatricians, the board is excited to announce that the following trainee representative has joined the Executive Committee:

Maria Petra AGIUS (Malta)

Trainee Representative 2017 – 2021

Dear Colleagues,
My name is Sarah Mourik. I’m a 4th year registrar at Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I am honored to be joining an organization that strives to connect physicians internationally to share knowledge on the subject of PAG.
My ambition is to contribute to EURAPAG by improving awareness amongst fellow registrars. Creatingan accessible platform to share information would be a step in the right direction. I also would like to explore the possibilities of creating an international internship program for registrars.
Looking forward to interesting encounters and good ideas to make this happen!
Kind regards
Sarah Mourik M.D.

Trainees and young practitioners can join the privat facebook group. For registration contact the trainee representatives by email.