Curriculum Vitae | Dvora BAUMAN

DOB 28 April 1960, S Petersburg, Russia, Israel since 1970

Married to Avi and mother of 4 children

Graduated Medical School, Tel –Aviv University, Israel

Currently working as consultant gynecologist. Head of PAG services and director of Bat-Ami center for sexually abused victims, Hadassah University Med Center, Jerusalem, Israel

After residency, engrossed in PAG, established the first multidisciplinary clinic, joined Israeli PAG society and edited the bulletin.

2007-2022 chair of Israeli society of PAG

At 2007 graduated the IFEPAG Part I+II, later joining Prof Sarah Creighton at University College Hospital, London.

Head of PAG service in Hadassah, Hebrew University (leading medical center). Structuring multidisciplinary clinics and surgical teams for PAG patients with challenging approach. Establishing PAG education as part of curriculum for medical students and Ob Gyn residents

2013 – 2019 board member of FIGIJ, invited speaker and coordinator of international fellow association (IFA)

Since 2010 developed a training center, approved by FIGIJ (2018), the first one in Middle East. 16 doctors (mainly Ob-Gyn) graduated the well-structured training program.  Those trainees implicate their knowledge by establishing PAG clinics all over the country. The request for future training fellowship is booked until the end of 2026 year, including a foreigner Ob-Gyn specialist.

My vision: recognition of PAG medicine as sub- specialization

Expand the education of PAG so the young girls will get most professional approach. Providing accessibility to special populations and structuring multidisciplinary collaboration for complicated cases

To build international group for advancing PAG education and clinical guidelines, as well as  promoting multicenter research for strengthening evidence based medicine

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