EURAPAG Assembly of Delegates

New EURAPAG Statutes

Since the requirements for European associations have changed in the time following the legalization of the EURAPAG statutes, the EC had to review the statutes and adjust them accordingly. Therefore, new statutes had to be constituted, which you can check here:

EURAPAG Statutes – new

These statutes have to be approved by the members and for this, a voting procedure has been started among the voting delegates of the National Societies / Groups. The results of the votes will be presented by the President of EURAPAG, Prof. Zana Bumbuliene, during the upcoming General Assembly.


Upcoming Assembly of Delegates

The Executive Committee is pleased to invite all EURAPAG members to the upcoming Assembly of Delegates, which will be held during the 16th European Congress of Paedriatics and Adolescent Gynaecology on Friday 7 June, 2024, 16.00 hrs. Central European Time (CET).

More information about this event regarding the start time and technical details will be published on this website.


Past Assemblies of Delegates

Archive of agendas and minutes of the past assembly of delegates:


(restricted access: you need to log-in to read the documents*)

*If you are a EURAPAG member or a representative of an EURAPAG member society or group, please ask the Secretary General for log-in data via e-mail: