EURAPAG 2024 - 16th European Congress of Paedriatic and Adolescent Gynaecology - June 5-8, 2024 | Thessaloniki, Greece


Important information about EURAPAG’s General Assembly on Friday, 7th June, 2024.
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Žana Bumbulienė


Dear friends,

We started our activities as EURAPAG in 2008. We began modestly by organizing PAG congresses, website, and board meetings in a regular manner. I would like to thank former President Paul Wood and all Board members for very active work during 2018-2021: we had very successful trainee congresses in Frankfurt and Rotterdam, established strong cooperation with EBCOG and UEMS, created and launched the new PAG curriculum and a log book. Our last achievement was the foundation of the EURAPAG Academy.

I am delighted to notice that our Organisation is stronger and bigger every year. We aim an attracting young people and doctors of other specialties to our ranks and we are glad to have representatives of paediatricians, as well as two trainees – a paediatrician and an obstetrician-gynaecologist on the board.

Our further plans are also ambitious, not only do we wish to broaden our horizons, but also we have a vision and a plan for how to achieve results. I am privileged because I am surrounded by wise, hardworking, positive, intelligent, and cheerful friends and to be a part of our team. If we continue working together as we do, we will achieve stunning results.
Please do not hesitate to contact me or other Board Members if you have any ideas, and you want to join us.

Žana Bumbulienė
President 2021-2024

Evelien Roos


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to EURAPAG. Let me introduce myself briefly. Since 2008, I have been a gynaecologist- an epidemiologist with a special field of interest in PAG and work at Tergooi Hospital in the Netherlands. I joined the EURAPAG board in 2017 and want to thank all previous board members for their collaboration, fun, making memories, and tremendous support while organising the 15th EURAPAG congress during the pandemic.

The new Executive Committee nominated me President-Elect of EURAPAG and I am grateful for that. This position also provides the opportunity to continue collaboration on further development & implementation of the Post-Specialty Training curriculum for Fellows, development of the EURAPAG Academy, and continuation of the Pan-European Trainee Congress in the years to come. Furthermore, it is my wish to strengthen the PAG community in Europe by building, connecting, and fostering our current collaborations.

I will support our President, Zana Bumbuliene, and the whole Executive Board during the next 3 years in achieving our goals and the organisation of the 16th EURAPAG Congress in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Please do not hesitate to reach out,
Evelien Roos
President-Elect 2021-2024