Become a member

Membership types

National societies
Membership fee (depending on the number of members)

  • up to 50 members 100€ / year
  • 50 to 100 members 150€ / year
  • 100 to 200 members 200€ / year
  • more than 200 members 250€ / year

National group
Membership fee 100€ / year

Individual member
Membership fee 50€ / year

Supporting member
Membership fee is negotiable.

[see list of EURAPAG members]

[see statutes articles 5 and 7 for membership rules, number of delegates, voting rights etc.]

Membership application

To become a member please download, print and fill the application form. Filled and signed application forms have to be send to:

Official mailing address
Secretary General’s Office

(c/o Dr Ivonne Bedei)
Oppenheimer Str. 33
60594 Frankfurt am Main




Application for National Society membership

 Application for National Group membership

Application for Individual membership

Application for Supporting Society membership

Application for Supporting Individual membership